Ephraim Philip Lansky, M.D., Ph.D.

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.  To practice hypnotherapy in Israel, the practitioner must first be licensed as a medical doctor, dentist, or psychologist, and secondly to practice hypnosis.  The hypnosis license is granted only after the successful completion of an officially recognized course of instruction, submission of case studies, and passing an oral examination with three approved examiners.

Dr. Lansky’s course of instruction in development is intended for licensed physicians, dentists, or psychologists.

Dr. Lansky offers personalized guidance in self-hypnosis to individuals via telephone or on-line consultation.
Pharmacognosy is the pharmacology of crude drugs, such as those derived from plants, fungi, animals, or naturally occuring minerals.  Most such crude drugs are extracts of botanical origin.

Pharmacognosy includes ethnobotany and traditional plant knowledge, as well as modern medical applications, chemistry, and testing of crude drugs in preclinical and clinical scenarios.  Also included in pharmacognosy is the extracting and compounding of the naturally occurring materials to produce medicinal products.

Dr. Lansky is available to both individuals and corporations regarding matters of nutritional, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical interest.